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Don't just look at the website - get the data!

Data on agriculture and nutrition from Eldis was among development datasets being used by developers and experts in a recent event to increase the uptake and impact of research.

The Research to Impact Hackathon, which took place recently at iHub in Nairobi, aimed to identify key needs among experts for access to research and data on Agriculture and Nutrition and to support developers to design innovative technical solutions to some of those needs.

You can read more about the hackathon event in two great articles from participants. Firstly Pete Cranston on the Euforic blog 'Let me Hackathon that thing'

Secondly Tim Davies on his own blog Linked-Development: notes from Research to Impact at the iHub

At Eldis we believe that opening up data sources such as Eldis, which provides free access to over 32,000 research documents, supports the innovative use of information in ways that can be responsive to users needs in a way that our global services like the Eldis website cannot.

Find out more about how you can make use of Eldis open data by going to Knowledge Services Open API.