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Eldis supports Connect South campaign

Eldis is pleased to be supporting the Global Development Network’s Connect South campaign. The campaign aims to raise the profile of southern research and southern researchers

Connect South is encouraging members of the development research and policy communities to adopt a more inclusive approach.

Clare Gorman, from the GDnet Connect South Campaign, says
“The need is greater than ever for knowledge and experience from the South to inform responses to global inequality. The Connect South campaign is a way to focus attention on the value of southern research and the distinctive contribution the southern perspective can make to the knowledge and understanding of global issues.”

Since its establishment 16 years ago, Eldis has always had at the heart of its mission the desire to redress the existing imbalance between northern and southern research, when it comes to profile, reach, accessibility and uptake. Profiling ‘southern research’ – emanating from southern institutions – is high on our editorial agenda, and our efforts towards development decentralised network of editorial and content partners is testimony to this.

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