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Forestry and climate change

Land use changes in forestry and the role of REDD schemes
Social and ecological impacts of climate change on the Amazon
N. Behring / Panos Pictures
This compilation of twenty seven articles focuses on the interactions, impacts and effects of climate change on the Amazon region. Each article examines a specific issue, providing a multidisciplinary analysis of climate change impacts. Issues discussed include: interactions between rainfall, deforestation and fires; social impacts; and hydro-climatic and ecological behaviour.

Latest Documents

Increasing resilience to droughts in Viet Nam: the role of forests, agroforestry, and climate smart agriculture
Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
The 2015-16 drought is the most severe that Viet Nam has experienced in at least 90 years. In the Central Highlands, South Central Coast, and Mekong Delta regions, 18 provinces have declared a state of emergency and 22 provinc...
Managing ecosystems in the context of climate change mitigation: A review of current knowledge and recommendations to support ecosystem-based mitigation actions that look beyond terrestrial forests
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity 2016
Ecosystem management can play an important role in climate change mitigation and adaptation if current practices are evaluated and improved to move towards sustainability. Terrestrial and coastal ecosystems store more than fiv...
Forest governance in Latin America: strategies for implementing REDD
M. Aguilar-Støen; F. Toni; C. Hirsch / Springerlink 2016
Global interest in and attention to forests have grown as concerns about global warming and climate change have taken a heightened position in international policy debates. Forests have been repositioned in international arenas as rep...
Green: at what price?
Nicky Milne; T. Moss (ed) / Thomson Reuters Foundation 2016
Reforestation, environmental development, growth in the developing world: when does a green economy come at too high a price? The Ugandan Government wants to encourage development and boost it’s forest reserves. They&#...
Agriculture, forests and climate change: can labelling play a part?
Agence française de développement 2015
In the 2009 summit in Copenhagen, the international community agreed to mitigate climate change by assuring that global temperature will not increase more than 2°C between the pre-industrial period (1850) and 2100. The 2015 Paris ...
No sense of ownership in weak participation: a forest conservation experiment in Tanzania
Ø.N. Handberg / Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2016
Sense of ownership is often advocated as an argument for local participation within the epistemic development and nature conservation communities. Stakeholder participation in initiating, designing or implementing institutions is clai...
Climate change threatens Hawaiian forest birds
Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment 2016
In Hawai'i, geograpahic isolation has prevented the natural establishment of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and many insect species, such as biting mosquitoes. Isolation has also facilitated the spectacular evolutionary radiation of H...
Making change happen: what can governments do to strengthen forest producer organizations
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2014
The economic activities of forest communities and small forest producers are critical for local livelihoods, markets and development and for the future of the natural resources on which such activities are based. Communities and small...
Forest and Farm Producer Organizations - operating systems for the SDGs
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2016
Responding to the new global development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this publication argues that forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs) are effective operating systems to deliver the SDGs. In fact it may ...
Current challenges of implementing land - use and land - cover change in climate assessments
Earth System Dynamics 2016
Land-use and land-cover change (LULCC) represents one of the key drivers of global environmental change. However, the processes and drivers of anthropogenic land-use activity are still overly simplistically implemented in Dynamic Glob...
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