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International climate negotiations

International discussions to develop effective local, national, regional and international strategies with commitments and action by all countries
Is climate adaptation possible through proper resource management?
Children on climbing frame
P. Lowe / Panos Pictures
This paper identifies and explores how land and water management will be impacted by long-term climate change in the less developed countries of the Himalayan and South East Asian (SEA) regions. The authors also review some of the many innovative efforts underway at local and regional levels to support land and water management initiatives and reduce poverty. 

Latest Documents

Water and Climate Blue Book
World Water Council 2016
Llaunched by the Morroccan government at COP22 in Marrakech, the blue book aims to raise international awareness on the vulnerability of water in the context of climate change and the urgency of action. It also speaks in favor of merg...
Steps to overcome the North–South divide in research relevant to climate change policy and practice
Nature Publishing Group 2017
The authors of this Nature Climate Change Perspective article argue that Northern (developed country) domination of science relevant to climate change policy and practice, and limited research led by researchers in Southern developing...
What Explains the Allocation of Aid and Private Investment for Electrification?
A. Pueyo / Institute of Development Studies UK 2014
This paper aims to inform policy looking to step up investment in the electricity sector of developing countries and align it to other development goals such as universal access to energy or sustainability. Three questions guid...
“Loss and Damage” and “Liability and Compensation” – What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?
Wilson Center 2016
An article on the Wilson Center's New Security Beat blog that examines how the langauge used to describe loss and damage resulting from climate change shifted away from talking about liability and compensation towards a definition tha...
Chronology - Loss and Damage
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2016
Official UNFCCC chronology detailing the process and negotiations leading up to the creation of the Warsaw International Mechanism on loss and damage and the subsequent inclusion of loss and damage in Article 8 of the Paris Agreement....
Strategic Ambiguity: How Loss and Damage Became a Part of Global Climate Policy
L. Vanhala / Wilson Center 2016
This guest blog post on the Wilson Center's New Security Beat blog provides a useful overview of how the changing, and increasingly ambiguous, language and definitions used to describe loss and damage in global climate change negotiat...
Loss and damage: some key issues and considerations for SIDS expert meeting
J.P. Hoffmaister; D. Stabinsky / Third World Network 2016
The series of expert meetings under the UNFCCC on a range of approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, including impacts related to extreme weather events and slow onset events, is a ...
Framing climate change loss and damage in UNFCCC negotiations
L. Vanhala; C. Hestbaek / Global Environmental Politics 2016
How does an idea emerge and gain traction in the international arena when its under-pinning principles are contested by power ful players? The adoption in 2013 of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage as part o...
Climate Justice: The international momentum towards climate litigation
K. Boom; J.-A. Richards; S. Leonard / Heinrich Böll Foundation - European Union 2016
The Paris Agreement is ground breaking yet contradictory. In an era of fractured multilateralism it achieved above and beyond what was considered politically possible – yet it stopped far short of what is necessary to sto...
Emissions trading and climate diplomacy between Europe and China
O. Gippner / Norwegian Institute for International Affairs 2016
Over the past decade, the EU has been following a “policy of unconditional  engagement”  vis-à-vis  the  People’s  Republic  of China, pursuing its promotion of effective multilatera...