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New Latin American knowledge platform now on Eldis

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA) is a knowledge sharing and learning platform based in Lima, Peru which highlights recent Latin American experience on selected economic, environmental and governance issues in order to support learning between Latin American, African and South Asian countries.

ELLA Evidence and Lessons from Latin AmericaAs part of this remit they produce the "ELLA Knowledge" range of themed guides, briefings, articles and multimedia products.

As an Eldis content partner we've been working with ELLA to make their full selection of briefings available though our regional and country profiles and our thematic guides. You can browse the full set below.

Latest Documents

Learning from 20 years of payments for ecosystem services in Costa Rica
International Institute for Environment and Development 2013
In 1996, the tiny country of Costa Rica took bold steps to initiate one of the first nationalised ‘payments for ecosystem services’ (PES) programmes. The programme has grown tremendously, as the first chapter of this paper...
Growing greener cities in Latin America and the Caribbean - a-i3696e.pdf
This report looks at the progress that has been made toward realising 'greener cities' in which urban and peri-urban agriculture is recognised by public policy and included in urban development strategies and land-use planning. It is ...
Rethinking the consultation-conflict link: lessons from Bolivia’s gas sector
A. Schilling-Vacaflor / German Institute of Global and Area Studies 2013
This paper shows that consultations do not only appease conflicts, but also exacerbate them as these procedures are used to negotiate broader grievances. The author further argues that narrow consultations (like those carried out in B...
Public policy reforms and indigenous forest governance: the case of the Yuracaré people in Bolivia
Conservation and Society 2012
This case study, published in the journal Conservation and Society, examines the impact of forest reforms in Bolivia on the indigenous Yuracaré people. The recent surge in the efforts to reform forest governance-both thr...
Contestations over indigenous participation in Bolivia’s extractive industry: ideology, practices, and legal norms
A. Schilling-Vacaflor / German Institute of Global and Area Studies 2014
The participatory rights of indigenous peoples have been at the center of conflicts over resource extraction, which have recently increased in number and intensity across Latin America. Using comprehensive empirical data about the Gua...