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The Open Book

The OKFestival, the first ever Open Knowledge Festival, was held in Helsinki, Finland in September 2012. With the theme of Open Knowledge in Action, it looked at the value that can be generated by opening up knowledge and the impacts that transparency can have in our societies. 

Emerging from the event, is the Open Book, a collection of indepth discussion pieces from pioneers of the Open Knowledge movement. With contributions from Duncan Edwards, from the Knowledge Services Programme at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex,  it includes a collaborative chapter on exploring what openness in processes and the co-construction and sharing of knowledge can mean for international development, in terms of "enabling the intended ‘beneficiaries’ of development ... to be the authors, architects and artisans of any development activity [Tony Roberts]".
The Open Book
M. Carpenter / Panos Pictures
What are the aims of the pioneers of the open knowledge movement, and how does its prioritisation of digital transparency, open data, government accountability and the Commons impact society? The Open Book aims to be a platform for discussion and a launching pad for new ideas about the future of a global movement in a time of rapid technological and societal progress.